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This is a sample lesson plan. It has a link and at least one image. What is missing though, is a link to directions on how to make the iMovie or the actual written directions themselves.

BOOK 1: The Cover Says it All
  • Standard
    • Media Literacy 3.C.3 - Recognize that creators of media use a number of forms, techniques, and technologies to convey their messages.

  • Expectations
    • My group will be able to show their understanding of the different covers used for 1984.
    • They will be able to explain which covers are more appropriate for different generations and why.
    • They will show their understanding of the iMovie software.

  • Materials
    • laptop with imovie software
    • photobooth
    • Pictures of covers from1984 andThe Stranger>>
    • 1984 Book Cover
      1984 Book Cover

    • Instructions for iMovie on wikispaces

  • Opening
    • I will show my group pictures of various covers from The Stranger. We will have a quick discussion on what each cover shows differently from the other and if they are appropriate for the novel. The pictures will be on photobooth.

  • Middle
    • The group will search for different covers for 1984 using Google Search. They will find 5 different covers to use in the creation of an iMovie about the differences and appropriateness of book covers for 1984.
    • Once they find the covers online, they will use them in an iMovie in which they book covers will be the only images, and their voices will be used to discuss their ideas.
    • Directions are on the handout I give them (see attached)
    • I will be available for ideological and technological assistance

  • Ending
    • The group will share the iMovie with me.


An Article Describing the Consequences of Illegal Government Surveillance
A Page Describing The Development and Specifics of Slang
Read the Book Online

Socratic Seminar Questions

  1. What are the biggest repressions put forth on the people in Oceania?
  2. Which one is the most damaging?
  3. Will Winston be victorious in his quest for individuality and self-expression?
  4. Are we close to living with the issues we see in the novel?
  5. Newspeak is a horrifying idea - Why is it so effective in controlling the masses?
  6. Do you agree with Orwell's quote below?
"Nourished for hundreds of years on a literature in which Right invariably triumphs in the last chapter, we believe 
half-instinctively that evil always defeats itself in the long run. Pacifism, for instance, is founded largely on this belief. Don't resist evil, and it will somehow destroy itself? But why should it? What evidence is there that it does? And what instance is there of a modern industrialized state collapsing unless conquered from the outside by 
military force?"
7. Can 2+2=5?
8. Watch the video from Wag the Dog, a movie about how the government can create news. Is this plausible? Are we, as citizens, being fed made - up news?
For Seminar #2 - be sure to go to the discussion tab to discuss online as well.
Period 1: John and Tim will lead
Period 8: Michael and Eric will lead
Start with the simple question that I like to start with - What did you think of the book overall? Be specific with 'why'.
  1. Is Goldstein real? What about Big Brother?
  2. What are some differences between Julia and WInston?
  3. Is deep down, this book a love story between two people who can't be together, like Romeo and Juliet?
  4. Why didn't the Thought Police pick Julia and Winston up earlier if they were watching them for so long?
  5. Orwell has a bleak view of the world. Is he incorrect in his ideas?
  6. Why does Orwell bring Parsons back in book 3?
  7. Is there any flaw you can see with the methods of the party for keeping complete control?
  8. There is the idea that 'good' will eventually defeat that which pushes it down. That pacifism will ultimately lead to victory - no matter what. But, why should that be? Isn't it more realistic in 1984 that pacifism has no effect on Big Brother?
  9. If you have time, check out these videos on youtube from the 1984 movie showing book 3. Because the videos are on youtube, you will need to be on your home computer. Each video is 10 minutes. Does the movie do the book justice? Where is the terror coming from? (part 9, part 10, part 11)