The Liberty Institute. Dehli, Indai.  August 28,2008.
The Liberty Institute. Dehli, Indai. August 28,2008.


Throughout our study of this novel, both classes are called upon to create an interesting and worthwhile site dedicated to the study of Ayn Rand, Objectivism, Howard Roark, and the novel as a whole. Everyone is expected to make at least two valuable contributions to this page in some fashion. The discussion questions above are also requirements of the class. Links to study guides and wikipedia are not acceptable; rather, you should be searching for links that add value and depth to our study of the novel.

Rand Interviews

Socratic Seminar Questions

*Architecture was used as the basis for the plot. Could a different endeavor been chosen, or was architecture the perfect fit for the story?
*Did you see any character development as the story progressed? If yes, what? If not, what is the point of having a story without dynamic characters?
*What are examples of Howard Roarks in our contemporary world? Are they faced with the same obstacles?
*What are your opinions of the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand?
*Should Roark have been jailed for dynamiting Cortland Homes?
*Toohey is left to fight another day. How come Rand allows him to continue his cause?
*Peter Keating tries to begin painting at a later stage in his life. Roark tells him it is too late. Do you agree with that advice?
*What are Roark’s faults? Are those faults ones that can be realistically overcome?
*What would the world be like if Roark’s was the dominant ideology? Keating’s? Toohey’s? Dominique’s?
*What new ideas can you bring to our study from your own readings?
-Watch the video of Roark giving his speech to the jury and the scene with Roark deliberating with some clients, and the scene with Toohey speaking to Roark. Do you think the movie does the book justice?
-Watch some videos of interesting architecture. Fallingwater, Dubai, more Dubai, more Dubai, Los Angeles Do you think Roark would be proud of some of the more recent accomplishments in this field? Think about architecture in your neighborhood as well.
- Are our egos shrinking in general, or is there still a healthy individual nature in us? How does modern technology help or hurt our ego?